Welcome to enchantmentCasa Bougainvillea


Master Bedroom Suite, Marble
Bathroom, Limestone Marble Floors, Kitchen,Terrace for Outside Dining,
Overlooking Main Sayulita Beach & Bay, Steps Thru' Gardens down onto the Beach and Sand

Relax comfortably in style!
Casita Bougainvillea, is a 1 bedroom / 1 bath apartment with a lovely living room and a full kitchen. 
It has a separate entrance from Casa Bougainvillea, has its own private deck with a great view,
and is only a few steps from the beach.


Luxurious accommodations for two!
Casita Bougainvillea is luxuriously decorated, comfortably accommodating two guests!


Your own, private view of the ocean!
Casita Bougainvillea has its own romantic view of the ocean!


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